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21 July 2014

Have not been able to be on tumblr much lately… :( too busy basically until Tuesday. Thank god this is all over soon..but school starts the end of next month. :(

It bothers me that whenever these SAME girls ask to go shopping with me because they think I have style, etc.. and then they go and are either so bothered, text the entire time, and/or never are willing to buy anything?? Bothers me so much. Never going to let those girls come with me next time. Such an annoyance. Kinda cheap and rude. 

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- "For lonely people, rain is a chance to be touched."

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Is it just me or am I the only person that is extremely bothered that HONY uses the same person’s picture twice, in a different pose, telling a different story? 




^^ That is the same person… I mean I like a lot of the stories and all, but it really bothers me that the same person is used twice a lot. 

Rain falling.

Its a Tuesday night, and its raining outside. There are flickers of lightning and only some noise, for now. The frogs sing in the small pond as the rain kisses the soil. I stop what i’m doing to look out the window, to catch a glimpse of serenity, even though my “to do” list is longer than an encyclopedia. Rain makes you think more than usual, and even though this is seen as a good thing, its almost like a double edged sword since during these deep periods of thought I always resort to the empty feeling I have inside. I drown myself of negative and melancholy. Empty as if, no one really is there and that it really doesn’t matter to try anymore. Rain. I guess rain is a different experience, a different feeling, for everyone. 


my favourite thing about russian and polish is that in polish zapomnieć means to forget and in russian запомнить (zapomnits) means to remember

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As i’m trying to get on the road to recovery (aka getting over you for good) you message me. Then you cut me off. Three days straight. At least you say sorry about it, but its seriously not cool. I’ll make sure to mention about that, because honestly, I can be a bitch to you since you love someone else anyway. Why should I care anymore, to you i’m more boring than a sedan and a rat on the subway. I wonder… are you talking to me because its the summer and you’re bored/have not a lot of people to talk to, or because you really want to? 

15 July

Today felt okay. It was a very “eh” day. 

Micro was better today. I found out that a lot of people, basically everyone, failed the exam. Highest grade was a 71. I also found out that there are some people not doing well, like me. Makes me feel slightly better. Some of these people have taken this class more than once already. Damn. I NEED to do well on the last two. Or at least decent. 

It really bothers me when people know they are smarter than you, and they kind of rub it in, in a strange way. This girl in my class who is also in my school/major does this..and its so annoying. 


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- "What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?"

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